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By Brookline Realtor Sharon Betzalel of William Raveis Real Estate located in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner & Chestnut Hill | 1394 Beacon Street, Brookline, Ma 02446 | 191 Grove Street, Chestnut Hill, Ma 02467 in Putterham Circle | 617-791-5619

Hi! I am Brookline Realtor Sharon Betzalel. I am an experienced Brookline & Metro Boston real estate agent. I like to make it easy for people to ask their real estate questions with no obligation. My real estate agent help desk is always open to answer your questions! You are invited to feel free to send in your real estate questions at any time. If you have a question, click here and send me a note and I will get back to you promptly. You can also ask a question using the “Get in Touch” window on this page.

If you are a first time home buyer with a question about the home buying process or if you are a homeowner thinking about selling that has a question about the selling process, feel free to send me a note. Or if you prefer, you can email me at sharon.betzalel@raveis.com or text or call 617-791-5619.

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My area of expertise is residential real estate sales in Brookline, Boston, Newton and the metro Boston cities and towns. I have helped many home buyers find real estate in Brookline, Boston & the Boston suburbs. As a seller’s listing agent, I have marketed and sold many single family houses, condos and multi-family homes in the Brookline, Boston & Newton neighborhoods. I have expertise as both a buyer agent and as a seller listing agent. I have in depth knowledge of the home purchase and sale process and expertise in the condo conversion process.

I display some photos of properties that I have sold so that you can see that I am legit and that I know what I am doing! I have sold many homes in Brookline, Boston, Newton, Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village, Washington Square, Corey Farms, Brighton, Cleveland Circle, Audubon Circle, South Brookline, Chestnut Hill, and in the metro Boston suburbs. Click the link below if you would like to read about my experience and to see some photos of properties that I have sold.

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One of the great things about shopping for real estate online is the ability to look at many homes for sale at once without leaving your desk (or your couch). Shopping for just the right house or condo can be very time consuming and can take up most of your free time if you are shopping in a competitive market or if you really need to move by a certain date. The best real estate marketing campaigns will give you a good sense of what a home for sale is basically like through photos, videos, area maps and descriptions.

One of the cool, new real estate search window developments is a free form search window that lets you search real estate & homes for sale using your own words, just like on google. Since I am a Brookline & Boston area Realtor, I like to encourage my customers to use the zip code of their favorite Boston, Brookline, Newton or metro Boston neighborhood when they search real estate for sale on line. If you put in the zip code to start, the result will give you all of the properties located in that exact location.

A zip code real estate search helps when you are looking for a condo or house in a specific neighborhood in a large city like Boston or when you are searching for a home in a specific elementary school district in Brookline, Newton or any of the metro Boston cities and towns. You can try the free form real estate search window below!

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When looking for a top rated & trusted real estate agent to be your seller or buyer agent, an online search is great place to start to find real estate agent reviews. You can also ask friends, colleagues and relatives to recommend an experienced & knowledgeable Realtor that know yours community well.

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I have been a Brookline & Metro Boston real estate agent for many years. It is a lot of fun showing, marketing and selling residential real estate for sale in Brookline & the Boston area. I work at William Raveis Real Estate in Brookline. Our offices are located at 1394 Beacon Street in Coolidge Corner & at 191 Grove Street in Chestnut Hill at Putterham Circle. I work out of both offices depending on what is most convenient for my buyers & sellers.

Please feel free to send in any real estate questions that you have, with no obligation. I am always happy to help.

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Talk to me at 617-791-5619 or send an email: sharon.betzalel@raveis.com.

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If you have a real estate question, feel free to contact me! Call or text 617-791-5619 or email sharon.betzalel@raveis.com. Or just click the link below!

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Meet me at the office! We have two William Raveis Real Estate offices in Brookline. Our Coolidge Corner office is located at 1394 Beacon Street, Brookline Ma 02446. Our Brookline Chestnut Hill office is located at 191 Grove Street, Brookline, Ma 02467 at Putterham Circle.

02446 – Brookline, Ma Realtor Sharon Betzalel has extensive experience & expertise as both a buyer agent & seller agent representing real estate and homes for sale in Brookline and the Boston area real estate markets. As a sales agent at William Raveis Real Estate, Brookline, Sharon is a highly rated & recommended Realtor that has received highest and best Realtor reviews from her past clients. Sharon is a trusted real estate agent and is an expert in residential real estate sales that delivers exceptionally reliable real estate service.

Talk to Sharon at 617-791-5619 or email sharon.betzalel@raveis.com.

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